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This consultation details reform related to the State Sector Act 1988. It is part of a suite of reforms to the public sector system: the others include embedding intergenerational wellbeing in the Public Finance Act 1989 and establishing an Independent Fiscal Institution.

The review of the State Sector Act 1988 aims to enable the Public Service to:

  • deliver better outcomes and better services
  • create a modern, agile and adaptive New Zealand Public Service, and
  • ensure its role in supporting New Zealand’s democratic form of government.

The legislative changes set out in this paper are designed to enable the Public Service to do better for New Zealand. The proposals do this by:

  • providing a wider range of options for organisational and workforce development. These form a set of tools that can be employed where needed to help improve public services and the achievement of outcomes for New Zealanders
  • unifying the Public Service around a common purpose, principles and values
  • ensuring strong and capable leadership of the system.

In reviewing the State Sector Act, we are envisaging enabling, not prescriptive, legislation. That means that not all of the detail of the proposals outlined in this document would be drafted into the Act. But we have included this detail in this document to show the nature and scope of the change we are suggesting, and which we would want the Act to enable.


You can read the detailed proposals here then return to this page to have your say.

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