The law could state the purpose, principles and values of the Public Service like this:

Purpose – To deliver results and services for citizens, serve the Government effectively and support our democratic process.

Principles – Political neutrality, free and frank advice, merit selection, openness, stewardship.

Values – Impartiality, accountability, behave with integrity, respectful.

New Zealand is internationally known for having a Public Service that is constitutionally sound, politically neutral and operates with the highest levels of integrity.

Other countries have started out this way too and found things have weakened over time.

We want to protect our strong Public Service and ensure the law underpinning it ensures a corruption-free, politically neutral and effective Public Service now and into the future.

We want New Zealanders to have pride in the Public Service.

We want public servants to be proud to do their jobs. By strengthening the foundations of the system we can make it work better for New Zealanders.

What this means for New Zealanders:

Your Public Service continues to hold itself to the highest standards of integrity and your experience of Public Servants is consistently high.

You can trust that the Public Service is doing the important constitutional job it has. Finally, you are proud of New Zealand’s Public Service and the New Zealanders who work within it.