The partnership between the Crown and Māori is an essential element of Te Tiriti o Waitangi (the Treaty of Waitangi). It is the core of our identity as a nation and sets the scene for unlocking Māori potential for all our benefit.

By weaving the intention of the Treaty in to our Public Service, we can enhance the relationship between public servants and Māori and work together to respond to Māori issues and deliver better results.

Around the country there are pockets of good practise, but it’s not consistent. By providing clear expectations for all public servants on how to proactively, confidently and competently engage with Māori, we can build a Public Service that is committed to developing the knowledge and skills to deliver results for Māori.

The senior leadership of the Public Service, just like its frontline, needs to reflect the community it serves. If Māori are better represented in senior decision making roles, engagement will be more confident and consistent, and a Māori perspective will be incorporated more fully into day-to-day activities and improved results will be delivered for Māori and all New Zealanders.