For the Public Service to reflect modern New Zealand, we need people of diverse backgrounds to bring their experiences, understanding and skills to the job. We also need them to move easily across the system.

Diversity and Inclusion – a public service that understands and reflects the communities it serves.

Common Terms and Conditions – Public servants with consistent employment terms can move between departments easily.

All New Zealanders should experience an inclusive, empathetic and understanding Public Service.

Departments have different approaches to how they describe, pay and value people in back office, corporate and policy jobs, making it hard for these people to move between departments and share their skills. They even compete for the best staff.

Common terms and conditions for back office, corporate and policy jobs would mean we attract the best people into the Public Service and then allow them to be agile and flexible and work where New Zealanders need them most.

What this means for New Zealanders:

The people you deal with in the Public Service make a huge difference to your experience. If you feel understood and respected and your experience is professional, that’s a good thing.



Family violence is one of the most difficult and destructive social issues facing New Zealand. In an increasingly diverse nation, the harm caused by family violence affects many New Zealanders regardless of ethnicity, culture or status.

Tackling this problem will need to involve the actions of many different government and non-government organisations.

To make a difference in people’s lives we need to reduce the harm caused by family violence, and act to prevent it before it happens. To do this we need to bring together our very best people, with the understanding and skills to deal with the issue.

What if we could bring these people together in one place, to innovate and work collectively to improve our approach family violence? This is how we could use a joint venture.

This way, we could ensure that people who experience or cause family violence get the help they need, when and where they need it.

How would that improve the lives of New Zealanders trying to break out of a cycle of family violence?